Hacking facebook accounts – easier than ever!

Have you ever thought about hacking someones facebook accounts, all the things you could do with their account? Now is your chance using new software by http://www.facebook-hacking-software.com . Their amazing software is optimized to hack any facebook account, with their over 2000 private proxies you are able to hack all the accounts you want – at the same time being anonymous.

Is it legal to hack facebook account?

No it’s not legal, using someones identity on internet is illegal – http://www.facebook-hacking-software.com tool is only made for educational purposes – and for recovering your own facebook password if you have lost it and can’t recover it any other way.

How is that even possible?

Like every developer they won’t give out their secrets – how does that application really work but I got some insight and I think it works on the bruteforce method that just tries all the possible password combinations starting from 123456 and ending with DFsdfa165fd1a – hence the proxies to bypass captcha.

Is it difficult to use facebook hack?

No it is not, that application has been made so user simple that even my 5 year old brother could use it – it’s like run and hack , only need 2 clicks of button to get the facebook user  password. I myself love this tool, it is so fast and so easy to use, I have used few times to recover my own password, I once tried it with 6 character long password, it only took 2 minutes to get this password, using 12 character password it took around 21 minutes to get this password, so I think it is quite good and my computer is not some high-end computer, it is regular one! Everyone who is intrested in hacking facebook accounts I would recommend using this tool, it really is the best!


Using Facebook on your mobile device raises the potential of your respective account getting stealed. It is so because the majority of the users avoid safe Hack Facebook connection so all your data is accessible to other users on a single network. So the primary you must do is to use safe connection with the addition of to the end of this word „http://“ (which you’ll find in a sluggish start every webpage) an „s“ hence the address ought to be like „https://“. The second thing you can do is that if you possess the Wi-Fi access point then you definitely should definately put your password strength with it because then others which don’t have a password can not hook up with your network. Although you put a password protection to your Wi-Fi network you need to know there’s still a tiny potential of one’s account been stolen.

Facebook hacking
Hacking Facebook

I believe that even people from the 20 th century are aware that you’ll be able to hack in your Wi-Fi access point. So if you can hack to Wi-Fi networks by using different password crackers then it’s logical that it’s possible to act exactly the same way with any Facebook.com user account. At the beginning it had been possible to freeze somebody’s Facebook account but luckily Hack Facebook found that other user apply it to wreck havoc on other people so they blocked that thing. If you don’t know what freezing somebody’s account mean it’s not necessary to worry because I will explain it to you personally in a very few seconds. Every person in the World sees that freezing can be a phase transition in which a liquid gets to be a solid when its temperature is lowered below its freezing point. For example waters freezing point is 0 degrees.